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Home News News and announcements J27 Work Continues at Hopetown

J27 Work Continues at Hopetown


Besides the intense activity overhauling the J27 tender, work continues on the locomotive too.

Steve Hyman and Bill Sharp trial fitting the RHS piston to the J27. - Neal Woods

Terry Newman making lubrication trimmings - Neal Woods

Dave Coppins machining a new gravity sand valve in the recently installed Bridgport milling machine - Neal Woods

Peter Ellis fitting the oil supply to the horn guides - Neal Woods

Dave Fleming of M-Machine buttering the wasted drag box platework. Buttering to the side plate can be seen to the left - Nigel Hall

Colin Bowman runs the die nut down the rubbing block studs - Nigel Hall

Last Updated on Friday, 27 November 2015 10:52