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K1 Absent from KWVR Gala


The Group is very disappointed to report that the K1 winter maintenance programme will not now be completed in time for it to attend the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Winter Gala at the end of February as had been planned.

Unfortunately we encountered significant delays due to the bad weather in the North West over the Christmas and New Year period, with both flooding and heavy snow. In spite of this, up until the end of last week, we were hopeful that we could still meet the deadline for completion, but we needed to proceed without anything else going wrong if we were to achieve this. Since then, if something could go wrong it has. A number of replacement components were found to require considerably more work than was expected when they came to be fitted, and one of the axleboxes required further re-metalling. In short, the K1 was supposed to be more or less mechanically complete by the end of this coming weekend, but, unfortunately, it will be far from it.

This is a particular disappointment to the dedicated volunteer team who have been putting a huge effort into getting the engine ready in time and who have responded tremendously to the requests for volunteers over the winter. We have just been beaten by the weather and circumstances largely beyond our control.

The position has been reported to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway who, not surprisingly, share our great disappointment at the loss of the

K1 from their Gala line up, but understand the circumstances that have led to our decision. We can only apologise to them, and those who were planning their visits to see the K1 in operation in the Worth Valley in our 50th anniversary year, but, hopefully, there will be another opportunity in the future for visitors to the Railway to enjoy the pleasure of travelling behind North Eastern steam on this iconic Midland Railway branch line.