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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 20 February 2016

Saturday 20 February 2016

Andy reports another good day, with progress made thanks to Bryan and the three JVs, Terry, Peter and Ian.

The pistons had arrived back so the piston ring grooves were cleaned out and measured so some new rings can be made.

The junior volunteers have removed some more wet sand from the left sand box after putting some of their training into practice, making a scoop to reach the sand.

Some of the lubricator pipes went back onto the loco and the right front axle box new pipes were fitted. We will only be able to do the first two axles at the moment as others will require the wheel sets to be removed, to get access to the top of the boxes.

The cylinder cover copper rings have been annealed.

The side rod bush clearances have now all been checked and recorded and the split pins renewed.

Terry has checked all the lubrication trimmings and oil pots. This also included removing any water and contaminated oil.

The safety valves will be taken to Hopetown on Monday evening for a start to be made on overhauling them, with Neal’s assistance, .

The arch formers have been put out ready for collection to take to Carnforth for the K1 to get its new arch.

Ian Pearson is going to look after the Wednesday work party with the following jobs:

  • Fit left leading axle box new pipes, use right as an example.
  • Continue with all cab valve maintenance.
  • Continue cleaning loco.
  • Continue with sand box and re-connect any linkages/pipes as required.
  • Clean round steam reverser and nip up all glands, fill locking cylinder with oil.
  • Horn stay bolt holes (marked ) to ream out and machine new bolt to fit hole.