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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 13 February 2016

Saturday 13 February 2016

Only Ian Pearson and James Pearcy at Deviation Shed on Saturday, but a good day, albeit very cold and wet. The pump in the pit was working well with the mesh filtering out the remaining dirt from the pit and enabling the water to get away.

The slide bars arrived about 9.40 and were off loaded by Barnie, the duty shed fitter, and put into Deviation shed using the tele handler. Many thanks to him for his help. The L/H top and bottom slide bars were then fitted to the locomotive using the hydraulic lifting table. This great piece of kit meant the job was completed by lunchtime. After lunch, James measured up the 8 spots on the slide bars required by Neal and will pass this information on to him. A start was then made on the piston valves. The R/H piston valve was released from its grip on the valve rod, which had caused problems on Wednesday, and the L/H valve was then successfully fitted using strops and the pull lift. The L/H valve was repacked with the follower still to fit. The R/H valve is still to repack, for which some more 16mm packing might be required. Andy is going to speak to Neal about this on Monday night, as well as the separate packing requested by Mike Oliver for the cab gauges from last Wednesday's working party.

So some significant progress.

Jobs for Wednesday:

  • Finish off the sliders for the mesh in the pit to protect the pump from rubbish.
  • Check sanders work. The front ones might, but the back ones definitely do not. Will have to empty the sand boxes and investigate/repair.
  • Finish off piston valves but leave off the front covers.
  • Side rod bush clearances to check with feeler gauges and record sizes. Will have to move loco to get right leading and intermediate (check the cable for the lights is not trapped under loco!).
  • Remove the pipes from leading axle, from oil box to axle box, mark up & put into storage with the new flexible pipes(should be three and one with Neal to get some fittings made). There will be three ferrules in the top of the axle boxes to remove (right inner one already removed as sample to get fittings made). These must not be lost in case we have to revert back to the original set up. Look in top of axle boxes and remove any water from side cavities.
  • Check all horn stay bolts: left leading and intermediate reported as needing attention by the MPD. Mark up with yellow paint any that are loose. New bolts are on the bench behind the grinder, holes will require reaming.