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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 6 February 2016

Saturday 6 February 2016

Andy reports that there was a really good turn out on Saturday, with eight volunteers and four JVs, so lots of work was achieved. The pistons, with the rods attached went to Sheffield last Tuesday to get the rods ground true. As no-one from NELPG was present, these were loaded by the MPD staff, so many thanks are due to all those who were involved. Hopefully the pistons will be back in the next two weeks, and then M-Machine can make some new piston rings and packings for the glands.

Peter and Trevor were once again cleaning and getting items ready for some paint. Once the cleaning of the steam heat pipe was completed, Peter painted it under the loco and tender before moving on to the steam chest casting and cylinder covers. Trevor helped get the whistle off and cut material for the JVs to use during their training session with Chris Parrish.

Neal and James did a survey of the left cross head and slide bars, in the light of comments on previous experience from Richard Pearson. After some deliberation, it was decided to remove them and ask M-Machine if they could machine the slide bars and put some white metal onto the edges of the slippers. Hopefully, we will have them back for next Saturday to start rebuilding that cylinder assembly.

Ian has done a marvellous job getting the boiler ready for the insurance exam: he has also checked that enough door joint gaskets are in stock to box the boiler up when the time comes.

Bryan and Steve were looking after our JVs. They had a really interesting day with instruction from Chris Parrish and were also having a go at painting, making a mesh to stop rubbish getting into the pump's sump, checking the side rod bush clearances using feeler gauges, and fitting the slacker pipe and valve in the cab.

Hopefully we have now come to the point with the maintenance where we are starting to turnĀ the corner and putting things back together. While the locomotive certainly looks a lot better now we have some newly painted items, there is still a way to go yet.

Jobs for Wednesday:-

  • Continue with cab valves including whistle.
  • Make new gaskets for safety valves and whistle.
  • Clean valve ports of carbon and wire brush studs.
  • Fit piston valves and covers.
  • Fit packing to valve spindles.