North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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As you will have seen from the latest issue of News, the Q6 was working over the weekend 5/6 December. James Pearcy rode out as owners rep on Sunday, and with Paul carried out a static functional test at Grosmont when it returned. That revealed very little in the way of additional winter work, with most of the defects found being either already on the winter work list or relatively minor in nature. The most significant was that the regulator is passing a little bit more than it should and needs attention. The brick arch also needs replacement. The work list is being updated to reflect these additions.

I understand that a broken spring was also found. That was replaced by the MPD on Monday when the Q6 was spotted on the wheeldrop. It is now back in the running shed, and subject to the satisfactory arrival of Ian Riley's Black Five on the NYMR this evening and it being available for the rest of the Santas, then the Q6 running season has come to an end for 2015. The MPD plan to do the washout and unbox it next week, and Paul Middleton hopes to have it in Deviation Shed by Saturday 19 December. The serious winter maintenance work can then begin, with the intention to run Wednesday and Saturday working parties as last winter - we might give Boxing Day a miss though!

I will confirm that next week once we know whether the Q6 has gone/is going into Deviation Shed in time for the 19th. In the meantime it is intended to hold a working party this Wednesday (16th) which will concentrate on giving the engine a thorough clean under the running plate - frames, wheels and underneath - before getting stuck into maintenance jobs. That will also not interfere with wash outs or the (remote) possibility that the NYMR might want to use the engine again that weekend. Stocks of biscuits and tea bags have been checked and topped up, and there is now a fridge (thanks to Bryan Orange's efforts) in the upstairs store on the table next to the microwave, so the milk should last a bit longer. We also have access to Darrin Crone's A4 cabin if required, which even has heating! So, no excuse not to get involved and help get the Q6 back in traffic as early as possible in 2016, our 50th anniversary year.