North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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17 December 2015

With the arrival of Ian Riley's Black Five on the NYMR at the end of last week, the Q6 has now officially (and barring any last minute crisis) come to the end of its 2015 operating season. Whether the wash out and move into Deviation Shed will have been completed by this weekend is not yet certain, but regardless, Andy Lowes is going to lead a working party on Saturday (19th) at Grosmont. He would love to be joined by others, so if you are available and wanting to bask in the current mild weather, please either drop him a note to let him know you will be there (email address above), or just turn up and join in the fun.

Dependent on the outcome of Saturday's activities, there should be a working party next Wednesday, but then a break for Christmas before returning to the regular Wednesday/Saturday routine in the hope that the work can be completed by the start of the main operating season.