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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 30 December 2015

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Andy has reported that it was a really good day at Deviation Shed on Wednesday: everything is starting to come apart and get re-furbished. What a difference having a few extra people helping out, so a big thank you to all 5 who worked with me.

At long last a start has been made cleaning the frames. Derek just quietly gets stuck in, to the point that I forgot to tell him we were knocking off for lunch - sorry!

Trevor has continued to work on the fire hole door and has sorted all the parts for the flap hinge. He will get some 10mm plate and 1/2" rivets and put it all together - just like that.

James really enjoyed his day while he was clean. His task was to clean the smoke box ready for the insurance exam. I suggested a long handled brush which he used but he remembered last year's comments from the inspector about blocked tubes. Are you ahead of the story? Yes, he then blew out all the tubes with an air lance. I was pleased because, for obvious reasons, we did not want to take the valve and cylinder covers off until all the soot was cleaned up. We then, as a team, removed all the covers in a very professional manner.

Ian finished off the clack valve squares. They are both the same size now and there is a spanner in the locker to fit them! The slacker pipe valve was taken off and returned to NYMR. The original that M-Machine repaired would not fit as some fittings were missing. I made enquiries at the shed and was told Owen took it off, but he is on holiday until next week. The steam reverser was piped up to the air main and more steam oil put into the steam cylinder. The reverser was put into full forward and reverse several times until no more water came out of the exhaust.

The Railway had reported the lubricator using excessive amount of steam oil. The valves and pistons have a nice coating of oil on them, but some of the lubrication pipes are leaking. Peter has made a good start by removing pipes, cleaning, repairing where necessary, annealing and blowing them out with compressed air.