North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 2 January 2016

Andy reports that Saturday was a very frustrating day with the continuing presence of the Deviation Shed swimming pool. The pump kept picking up stones and other rubbish which blocked it up and meant that the water never got cleared from the pit the whole day. As a result, no progress was made under the Q6. Trevor has made a mesh to fit over the base of the pump to try and overcome these problems, and is also going to make a new fitting for the outlet pipe next Saturday.

However, some progress was made in that the big ends on both sides have been closed up to .003". Both secondary cotters are loose. Ian and Trevor have removed both connecting rods. As decided by James at the previous working party, Andy was given the privilege of knocking out the brick arch and started to clean the inner fire box with a wire brush. The bottom row of small tubes and 2 lower flue tubes on the LHS require blowing through, and compacted ash to be removed from both ends of the grate.

Other jobs for this Wednesday include

  • removing the remains of the brick arch from the cab
  • continue wire brushing the inner fire box
  • emoving the concrete from the firebox
  • And of course, there is always a need to continue with cleaning of the frames and wheels!