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Home News News and announcements J72's visit to Tanfield

J72's visit to Tanfield


Here are some photographs taken during August and Setember when the J72 was at the Tanfield Railway.

About to depart Locomotion - Richard Pearson

J72 being unloaded at Tanfield - Richard Pearson

J72 is shunted to Marley Hill shed - Richard Pearson

Twizell at Andrew"s House - Dave Whitfield

J72 in Marley Hill Shed with Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0ST at start of its restoration - Dave Whitfield

Renishaw Ironworks and J72 inside Marley Hill shed - Dave Whitfield

J72 receiving the single line token from the signalman at Marley Hill box - Colin Smith

Running round at Marley Hill box - David Crockit

J72 in Marley Hill yard - David Crockit

J72 double heading a coal train with Twizell - Dave Pearson

J72, steam and smoke - David Crockit

69023 Joem and Twizell Marley Hill - Nigel Bill

J72 with coal train at Tanfield East - Peter J Robinson

69023 in Marley Hill Depot - Nigel Bill

J72 about to leave Marley Hill shed - Dave Whitfield

J72 and Uncle Terry with coal train at Bowes Bridge - Peter J Robinson

J72 with a coal train - Dave Whitfield

69023 Joem and Renishaw Ironworks departs E Tanfield - Nigel Bill

Low sun in Marley Hill yard - Dave Whitfield

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