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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 20 January 2016

Wednesday 20 January 2016

A small but perfectly formed working party on Wednesday - Derek Shorten, Mike Oliver, Jon Bradley and led by Ian Pearson.

Derek continued with cleaning the frames outside and inside when the water in the pit allowed - the pump wasn't working 100%. Jon cleaned all the wash out plugs, down at the MPD, and then made a start on the mudhole/ washout doors. They still require a lot of work and he is planning to come in on Tuesday and Wednesday to continue cleaning the doors. Mike took out both injector steam and stop valves, and also the steam heat valve, and these are now all laid out on the bench in workshop. The valve spindle heads require light machining, and Barry Nesham has agreed to do the machining next week. Ian got back into firebox took out the fusible plugs and cleaned all the grime down from last weeks blow through with compressed air. Subsequently the water hoses were put together, and, with the help of Jon and Derek, the flues were washed out: they are now clear. Finally, the ash was removed from the ashpan and water removed from the smokebox.

Andy will be leading another working party on Saturday to continue the work. Bryan Orange and some of the Junior Volunteers will be attending: could anyone else intending to be present please let Andy know. Remember also that Richard Jackson is planning to hold a safety briefing at 9.30am in the MIC cabin - anyone planning to attend who has not already let Martin Lloyd know, could they please do so as soon as possible.