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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 23 January 2016

Saturday 23 January 2016

What a difference the weather makes: no problem this Saturday getting into Grosmont. Another good day getting lots of work done and, more importantly, the Junior Volunteers (JVs) had some two to one training on hand tools with Chris Parrish in the NYMR workshops. Hope the K1 working party had as good a day at Carnforth!

Peter, Brian Armstrong and Andy Lowes went on the NYMR safety briefing to work in the shed yard which they all passed, and have now been invited to do the NYMR PTS course on Sunday 14 February. James Pearcy, Trevor Wilford, Bryan Orange and 4 JVs were working in Deviation Shed while the others were getting educated.

There was though lots of trouble with the pump this time due to rubbish in the pit. Trevor andĀ Peter have cured the leaking joint on the underground sewer pipe, but a non return valve in the bottom of the flexible pipe would be helpful to keep the pump primed.

Progress was made with the proposed new pipes for the axle boxes. James and Andy foundĀ the top of the boxes have a ferrule screwed into the top. If the thread is BSP, a nipple can just be screwed in and hopefully the new pipe fitted to this. The right piston was removed before lunch and dimensions recorded. Both piston back faces have been cleaned along with the cylinder studs and faces. The JVs have, when available to work on the locomotive, tapped the cylinder and valve cover nuts and cleaned the washers. The valve packing was removed from the glands and everything cleaned up ready for reassembly.

Bryan Orange, while keeping an eye on the JVs and giving helpful tips and advice, cleaned the valve covers. It was discovered only one has a copper sealing ring fitted: this was annealed by Peter while he was on with the lubrication pipes. The safety valves were removed, being very careful not to pull too hard on the spanner.

In addition, Trevor carried out some burning and welding on No 29 to help out Chris Cubitt.

Lots of bits are now off the engine and ready for the next stage - clean up, decide plan of action and method of repair.

So jobs for Wednesday :-

  • Sweep pit and clear centre drainage channel, also remove stones from pump if necessary;
  • Remove cylinder drain cocks, checking the screw threads and valves;
  • Remove side bar nuts and shims, check clearance with feeler gauge and record on side of rod;
  • Continue with the cab valve maintenance;
  • Boiler doors to clean and mating faces inside the boiler; and
  • Continue frame and wheel cleaning.