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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 30 January 2016

Saturday 30 January 2016

Andy reports a lovely day at the Railway today, everyone came away black after cleaning carbon etc. from various bits of engine. Many thanks to Trevor, Peter, Ian & Neal for a really good day's work with lots of prep work completed ready for putting loco back together.

Some insulation for the cylinders has been obtained to be installed after the high temperature paint has been applied and the lubrication pipes been put back. Trevor has done a fine job on the piston heads. They were extremely thick in carbon but are now ready to go away to have the rods ground and new packings will be made to suit the new size of rod. Peter has continued with the lubrication pipes, cleaned the underside of the steam chest and started on the steam heat pipe under the loco.

Neal came with his own additional work list to make preparations for future work on the locomotive. This included finding the new packings for the piston rods, finding some gasket material for the safety valves and whistle etc. etc.

Ian has continued getting the boiler clean. Today he concentrated on finishing the doors and the area they sit inside the boiler, a very laborious job but a most important one if the doors are going to seal. Andy cleaned the carbon from the left cylinder and ports, then set up a line on the centre to check the slide bars and crosshead. The slide bars had a straight edge put against the side of the outer face: they are not parallel in the vertical plane, but the bottom one is good to the line. He is now having to think how to sort this out and take the wear out of the cross heads which are in three pieces. He also filled the boot of his car with the cross head splitting gear which will go to Hopetown on Monday.

The Wednesday job list is now:

  • Continue with boiler clean;
  • Continue with back head valves;
  • Clean right cylinder and ports of carbon;
  • Remove the last two cylinder drain cocks, clean and put all cocks and rods into safe storage;
  • Clean both cylinder covers, taking care not to damage copper ring on mating face;
  • Clean both valve cover outer faces;
  • Finish cleaning steam heat pipe under loco and tender (front of loco started), ready for painting on Saturday; and
  • Remove regulator handle from square, match mark before removal, also strip stuffing box & packing.