North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 2 March 2016

In spite of a weather forecast of gales, snow and lightning bolts it turned out to be a lovely - and in the sun, quite warm - day at Grosmont. Eric Treacy had a succesful steam test although still requiring new motion bushes, the bunker and back of the cab have been fitted on 80135, and No 29 is now waiting for a boiler lift, but the main non-Q6 news was that Clive Goult has left the NYMR. Paul Middleton is acting shedmaster until the new shedmaster arrives from New Zealand later in the year. It all came as quite a shock to us, never mind the MPD staff!

So far as the Q6 was concerned, Jon and I finished cleaning the grooves on the piston heads, a small radius was filed on the top edge where it was missing, and they have now been moved (with a bit of a struggle as they felt very heavy at the end of the day) to stand on woods at the front of the locomotive on their respective sides. Jon also managed to empty out the left hand cab sand box with his supercharged vacuum cleaner. The sand box mechanism has been oiled and now moves somewhat more freely than before, bearing in mind that previously it did not move at all, even when given attention by a hammer. Templates were made for covers for both cab sandboxes to prevent them being filled. Ian will cut them out of plywood in the next couple of days and then fit them on Saturday.

The split pins and nuts were removed from the left leading horn stay bolts marked up as needing checking. On tapping the bolts they were found to be loose and will need replacing: the locomotive will need moving slightly to allow access for the reaming and fitting to be done.

Mike has finished all the cab valves: they are guaranteed until the first steam is raised! The right hand side intermediate axle box lubrication pipes have been removed but the ferrules have yet to be extracted and the left hand side has yet to be started.

Les Harper also called in to collect the formers for the brick arch and took them away to Teesside to be taken on to Carnforth for the K1.

We also had a couple of visitors to the Shed who thought the Q6 was a 'Hall' - well they did come from the wrong end of the country and were looking from the back of the tender. However, in recompense they did put a very large note in the donation box, so all is forgiven.