North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 5 March 2016

Andy reports a reasonable day at Deviation Shed yesterday but progress was slow. There were a total of five people - just as well as he only brought five doughnuts!

Andy brought the left crosshead and shim steel for the slide bars from M-Machine in Darlington. Iain Corduex and he shimmed the bottom left slide bar using a hole saw, borrowed from Owen at the MPD, to put in some clearance holes as required. They then fitted the cross head and made sure it moved satisfactorily. Iain then set up a wire along the centre of the cylinder ready for next Saturday.

Bryan Armstrong finished cleaning the gaskets off the top of the boiler for the safety valves, which were then fitted back. He also put a fillet of concrete round the steam and exhaust pipes where they pass through the smoke box. Old pieces of concrete arch were put into the base of the smoke box in readiness for concreting. No more was done though, to make sure that there were sufficient bags of concrete left for the new arch in the firebox.

Trevor Wilford finished the cover for the underside of the valve chest and this has now been finally fitted in place.

Ian Pearson fitted the baffle plate into the fire hole and made some adjustments to get the door to fully close. He also made sure the new door flap worked properly with the baffle in place. Ian then continued with the intermediate axle box new pipe work.

Andy has taken some measurements of the regulator shaft where the handle fits. This is a tapered square and the handle is rather worn so will require building up with weld and machining back to size. This will be a tricky job and will require some fitting work when the handle goes back onto the shaft, to get a good tight fit.

Efforts are being made to arrange the hydraulic test/cold exam for Wednesday 16 March. Andy also hopes to pick up the new piston rings during this next week.

Jobs for Wednesday:-

  • Finish off axle box intermediate pipe work.
  • Check blow down valve operational.
  • Connect valves to rods and fit new split pins.
  • Steam reverser to check and nip up glands.
  • Move the engine to enable access to remove the horn stay bolts on leading left axle. Ask MPD to check satisfied with rest of horn stay bolts and assist with reaming and fitting as necessary.
  • Fit new wood covers to cab sand boxes, clean seats and prepare for revarnishing.
  • Prepare front and rear buffer beams for painting