North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Friday 18 March 2016

Another day there by myself, second gloss on buffer beams.

The shed lads had got the side rods on before I arrived. They spent all day struggling with the spark arrestor - I think that they have it in satisfactorily now. However that struggle held up Phil Naylor and the concrete mixer. The mixer is sitting on the RHS ready for tomorrow morning. With luck, folks will pull the dust sheets over the buffers before they start, and not stand on the buffers. 

29 was pulled out of the shed  ... and pulled off the rails! A small team had a fun time with the jacks putting it back on. So, the way is now clear to extract the Q6 and take it to the running shed to weigh the tender and to prepare for the steam tests.

Flying Scotsman been sulking in the running shed all day, folks been allowed past gate to photograph it, restricted by barrier tape.

Paul Hutchinson and Angie seen emerging from the tunnel as I was leaving. Will the job list have grown longer by tomorrow morning?