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Progress with J27


John Graham and I visited LNWR at Crewe on Saturday to view progress on the boiler.

Holes drilled in the new tube plate flange - Neal Woods

Work is very much concentrating round the fitting of the new tube plate. This has now been trial fitted and the holes drilled though ready for final fitting and riveting in place.

New tube plate ready to fit - Neal Woods

The roof stays are all in except for the front 4 rows which are sling stays the nuts are fitted to the firebox end and the accessible ones have been riveted over on the outer wrapper.

Machined faces for boiler fittings - Neal Woods

The internal pipe work is complete. Work will shortly commence on the new smoke box sides and repairing the nicks in the front tube plate.

General view - Neal Woods

Meanwhile, back at Hopetown, the cab is now on the frames ready for drilling the fixing holes into the new joint plate.

Trevor Wilford on the pullift and Andrew Jacques on pinch bar moving the locomotive back out of the way of the hoist after attaching the cab - Nigel Hall

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