North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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K1 lifted


The K1 was lifted yesteday, 18th November, by Durham Lifting Ltd.

A report of the day's activities appeared in the Northern Echo .

The front of locomotive is lifted on an I beam. Steve Hyman and Chris Atkinson of Durham Lifting await instructions - Nigel Hall

A team of Chris Atkinson and Tom McCormack under the captaincy of Mike Rushton from Durham Lifting Ltd came to Hopetown Carriage Works to jack up the K1 to allow volunteers to remove the wheels in preparation for maintenance work. This work includes repairs to the axle boxes. Work is expected to take until the end of March, with up to 50 volunteers spending up to four days a week preparing the engine to return to active service.

Rear of locomotive being lifted on two special brackets fitted to the  firebox cutout in the frames - Nigel Hall

Work is progressing to the overhaul programme timescales. The NELPG have working members from the age of 15 to people in their 70s undertaking this work. Some used to work for Darlington Railway Works, some were drivers or firemen and some are just interested in steam locomotives.  NELPG believes that it is of key importance to engage young people to support their interest in locomotive engineering as, otherwise, these skills will die out.

Chris Atkinson of Durham Lifting fitting packing as the jacks raise the brackets - Nigel Hall

Meanwhile at Cast Iron Welding Services Ltd, welding work to repair the locomotive’s cracked right hand side cylinder block is already well underway.

At last the wheels can be rolled out. Steve Hyman, Fred Ramshaw, Sean Jackson, Harry Sams and Ian Pearson rolling out the front driving wheel - Colin Smith

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