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J72 Arrival at Hopetown for Winter Maintenance



All vehicles back inside the shed and the working party removing rods from J72 - Colin Smith

The J72 arrived back at Hopetown on Wednesday. A large working party under the direction of locomotive caretaker Fred Ramshaw immediatly set about dismantling for winter maintenance and the investigation of a knock.

The shunt was supervised by Terry Newman. Both the J27 tender frames and the J72 loco frames were first shunted down to  the overgrown track through the Museum Station by driver Malcky Simpson.

Pushing the J27 tender frames into the New Forest whilst the J72 waits on the Low loader - Colin Smith

The J27 is shunted along to the station whilst the motion is carefully observed by Andy Lowes at the other side - Colin Smith

Both J27 loco frames and tender parked against the brake van at the Museum station - Colin Smith

With the J27 out of the way, the J72 moves through to the crossing - Colin Smith

The J27 frames in winter sunshine with the Museum in the background - Andy Lowes

A view of the J27 cab - Andy Lowes

A view of the J72 being unloading from the driving position of the J27. The completed motion can be clearly seen - Andy Lowes

After unloading, the J72 is shunted into the building - Colin Smith

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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.