North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 14th January

Due to the weather & the forecast the JV’s monthly work party on the Q6 has been put back a week. Don’t worry lads I have still got plenty of work for you to do!

So with three people we set to doing the following jobs:-

Ian Pearson continued to strip the spark arrestor but got to a point where heat will be required to get the remaining nuts off. He sorted out some new bottles for the burning gear so hopefully next Saturday great progress will be made.

Ian Pearson struggling with the spark arrestor - Andy Lowes

Peter Ellis removed the lubricating pipes to the front covers of the valves. Also the vacuum & steam heat pipes under the loco.

Peter Ellis removing plubrication pipework - Andy Lowes

We all helped each other when lifts were required i.e. cylinder covers, lengths of pipe, or dome cladding. A good team effort, good progress made with limited number of workers.

A view of the dome cover - Andy Lowes

When the cylinder covers were removed both bores are covered in oil, so the lubrication system is working very well.