North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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17th January


We had a good weekend working on the K1 with a good turnout both days (8 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday) and resultant steady progress being made. The boiler is now fully prepared for its annual cold exam and the leading coupled wheel set ready to come out. West Coast will put the loco over the wheeldrops and remove the wheelset this week. Good progress was also made with a number of other "smaller" jobs.

We had hoped that our boiler insurance company would allow the permanent repair to the firebox outer wrapper to be deferred until next year but we have been unable to agree this. We have therefore agreed the extent of plate work to be replaced and are currently in the process of agreeing the appropriate specs and procedures. West Coast will be carrying out the repair work on our behalf and this should commence very shortly.

There will be no mid week working party this week but I am hoping to organise Tuesday working parties from next week. There will certainly be a working party this coming Saturday so of you are available for ether Saturday or Tuesday (both would be even better) then please let me know.