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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 21st January 2017

Saturday 21st January 2017

I will start this report on Friday, as Paul & I had a meeting with the NYMR shed management to go through what is to happen with the Q6. Over the next few months together we will get the winter maintenance done, the boiler will have the super heater elements & flue tubes removed. This will allow our insurance inspector to assess the internal area of the boiler & allow us to run the loco until 2024 with the usual periodic exams. The wheels will be taken out to check for wear in the axle boxes, the leading wheels may require some work.

So to Saturday, the juniors turned up on mass & set to work some doing training on the morning while the rest were on the Q6. After lunch they swapped over so they all did the same amount of training to work experience. I have to say the team worked very well together moving the timber packing from behind No5 to the end of the shed in no time at all. They then emptied the fire box of the remains of the arch & removed the fire bars. Then it was onto cleaning the mud hole doors for the boiler. Two of the lads repaired the top of the coal board for the tender. The ash was taken out of the ash pan on the loco & also the pit outside deviation shed. A good effort all round lads, next time we will work on tidying up after yourselves.

The main thing today was we have some means of heating nuts up to remove various parts that refused to come off last week. Trevor Wilford is the man for this job; he helped Ian Pearson get the spark arrestor into bits. Then the ejector exhaust pipe was removed, the blower ring & pipe work also came off.

Trevor & I then started on the dome cover but this really did fight back, we had to heat the nuts & flog them off as well. The good news is they are all now loose but the bad news is one stud snapped.

Peter Ellis removed the remaining pipes that run under the loco so the wheels can be removed, he then went on to clean & match mark them for ease of refitting. All the associated brackets were also refurbished & cleaned.

Now to the work list for Wednesday:-

  • Steam pipes to remove from smoke box
  • Blast pipe to dig out & remove
  • Both valve covers & valves to come out
  • Brake valve from cab to take out & leave on bench (had an offer to have it refurbished)

Mouse traps have been set in the workshop, Beware they do nip fingers too!

A job coming up in the not too distant future on Saturdays, Mark O’Brian is to be contracted to remove the flue tubes. We will require a team of volunteers to assist him to get these out. If you are fit & able please keep this in mind, once these are out we will get the insurance inspector in. Then we will be able to start building the boiler back to his satisfaction.

Many thanks everyone. Keep up the good work, Andy