North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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5th February


We had a good couple of days last weekend with 7 of us there on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Many thanks to all who took part.

Thanks too to all who offered to go and look after John Graham and the insurance co on Monday.

Over the weekend progress was made with a few smaller jobs and after a bit of a fight with the valve extracting gear both piston valves were removed. The rings were removed from the heads and the heads cleaned.

The back valve covers were also removed and cleaned and the liners were cleaned. The back covers were then refitted and the valves temporarily replaced without their rings.

This allowed the alignment to be checked and adjustments to the valve crossheads are now being made.

Since the weekend the insurance co have inspected the area of the firebox outer wrapper to be repaired and the new plate will hopefully be fitted over the next two weeks. The leading coupled wheelset is now back under the loco (fitted by West Coast on Tuesday) and this Saturday's main job will be refitting hornstays, springs, lub pipes and brake pull rods.