North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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11th February


We had a decent day on Saturday. By the time we left, a little later than usual, the loco was in a fit state to be moved with the hornstays and springs refitted to the leading wheelset. We did not have time to get the brake pull rods or the lub pipes back on but we should sort them this weekend.

Work to repair/renew the blower ring brackets, replace the blower pipe bracket and refurbish the primary screen fixed top rail were also completed.

On the coach the guard's compartment has now been undercoated apart from the outer door which is in need of repair (Chris Henwood's uncle has kindly agreed to do this).

Unfortunately there was no working party on Tuesday as no one volunteered.

The repair work to the outer wrapper has not started yet as we are waiting for final insurance co approval but this will hopefully come through shortly. The loco is however now in the repair shed and work will start as soon as the approval comes through.

We are doing another full weekend this Saturday and Sunday (you could do either day or both) and we really do need to get some mid week working parties on the go - I am not panicking yet but it is only a matter of time.