North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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18th February


We had a pretty good couple of days last weekend. The valve crossheads were trial fitted following the adjustments made to correct the valve alignment problem.

The LH crosshead, after further minor adjustment was a satisfactory fit which enabled the LH valve to be refitted (after cleaning the valve rings and final cleaning of the heads). The RH crosshead requires a bit more work but should be ready for its final fit by next weekend.

Progress was also made in fitting the new lifting blocks by carefully truing the radius rod lifting block bearing surfaces. Final fitting of the blocks is now very close.

A number of reassembly preparation jobs were carried out and one rocking grate firebar was changed.

The outer wrapper repair is progressing well and is likely to be completed late this week/early next. Whilst the repair will be mag particle and ultrasonically tested shortly after completion the required hydraulic and steam tests will not be undertaken until the end of March to fit in with the rest of the winter work.