North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 22rd February

Refreshed by a cup of tea using the new kettle, the three of us - Ian Pearson, Jon Bradley, and myself - worked until lunch time and removed the five flue tubes that had been knocked through from the middle row.

We had a word with Mark O' Brien about the other three middle row flue's that required burning out in the fire box and, while we had lunch, he went up to the Q6, burnt the remaining three flues and also the bottom row of eight. After lunch, Chris Henwood joined us from the MPD, so he was set on running the tap down through the dome nuts, and he also gave us a hand when required removing the flues. After Mark had finished burning out the flues in the firebox he gave us a hand removing them. The bottom row was pulled out physically by Mark, Ian and myself, and then lowered down to Jon and Chris on the ground. The flue's at each side were the sticklers as they were slightly foul of the smoke box door rim. But with some pulling to the left and right, barring over and careful use of a hammer they were eased out. So all the flues we removed (16) are now stacked on the floor and chocked - so for those attending on Saturday be careful when you come in the Shed as you will have to walk over them to get to the workshop unless you go all the way round the Q6. These tubes will require moving to be with the others and then a decision made on their disposal.

Paul Middleton and Barney called in at the end of the day to view progress, and, suitably impressed, would like to move the Q6 down to the running shed for its postponed wash out, and remove the chimney. We also now need to get the boiler inspector to Grosmont as soon as we can to do his inspection with the CME.

Overall a very productive day, with 16 tubes removed and 11 nuts re- tapped, and only one tea break, but many thanks to Mark for his efforts and assistance during the afternoon, without which it would have been a very late finish. So now over to the Saturday team to maintain the progress!