North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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25th February


We had a frustrating day yesterday with slow progress on most of the jobs we were attempting.

The RH valve crosshead is now sorted but the valve is still to refit. Both pistons were removed but we only had time for a very cursory inspection. From what we have seen so far all looks to be in order.

The new lifting blocks are now in place but still need securing.

One of the objectives for the day was the removal of both trailing loco springs. We did not start this until around 16.00 but thankfully this was one job that went well and both were removed by 16.45. Not a bad effort all things considered. There were, however a number of jobs we needed to do on Saturday that did not get done.

One thing we did do was take delivery of the new cooker (and got rid of the old one). Many thanks to Neil Smedley for sorting this out and to Mike Bloomfield who is going over to meet the gas fitter tomorrow.

The new boiler plate work will be welded in starting tomorrow and the repair should be completed by Thursday, following which the loco will be moved down to the wheel drops for removal of the trailing wheelset.

The aim is to have the loco reassembled sufficiently to allow a steam test at the beginning of April. There is a hell of a lot to do between now and then. Unfortunately no one has offered to go over on Tuesday. If we are to complete the winter work in time for the loco to leave Carnforth at the end of April we must do better.