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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 1st March 2017

Wednesday 1st March 2017

On a bright, sunny, and surprisingly warm in the sun, day there were five of us at Grosmont on Wednesday - Jon Bradley, Ian McCall, Derek Shorten, myself and Ian Pearson.

After a cup of tea, first task was to continue efforts to remove the left coupling rod taper pin, but again, like last Saturday, we made very slow progress. Ian McCall and Jon Bradley worked on this for at least half hour and after cutting, punching and drilling, the bottom end of the taper pin was removed. However, the top end remained in situ refusing to move. So more careful drilling was required to avoid damaging the nut, until there was only a thin casing of the taper pin left. Still no movement, so it was decided to turn the nut and shear off the remains of the pin and , success at long last, after about another two hours effort. That allowed us to remove the nut, clean out the remains of the pin, and establish that no damage had been done to the nut as a result of our labours.

In the meantime Derek was cleaning the right hand valve which was thick with carbon, while Jon and I removed the flues that had been cut in half on Saturday to round the back of Deviation Shed. Then I set about cleaning the remaining mud holes in the boiler, completing another four (yellow dotted) and leaving the two at the bottom of the throat plate for the next visit. After lunch Jon, Ian P and I removed the eft hand coupling rod and placed it on the floor next to the Drewry shunter, protecting the bearings with rags. The coupling rod pin on the locomotive was greased and wrapped with rags, while the pin bearings, gudgeon pin and nut, felt pads and cotter and large taper pin were put in a plastic tub next to the right hand one in workshop. Ian McCall cut the remaining flue tubes and these were removed to join the others round the back of the Shed. The floor area was swept clean. Arrangements are now being made for the cut tubes to be taken to the scrap yard at Marske used by the NYMR, along with any other scrap material from the Shed, and for which a separate NELPG account is being opened.

Derek completed cleaning the right hand valve and that is now back in the workshop next to the other one. Ian McCall also started on the dome nuts: three studs were run down with die nut 'yellow' dot on.

Piglet called in to see how we were doing and viewed the cardboard dummy steps on the back of the tender. He decided not to try them out himself but approved their positioning, so all is clear for fitting the real ones on Saturday. He also told us that a Gardiner diesel engine has been bought from E Bay for the Drewry shunter, thanks to the generosity of an NYMR member. It is due to be delivered in the next week and he therefore hopes to move the Drewry shunter out of Deviation Shed fairly shortly for the engine to be fitted - it will involve moving No 5 as well and a slew of No 6 road in the continuing absence of the broken point, so no small task! He also intended to move the Q6 down to the running shed for its wash out today, so it was completed before Saturday. Ian P therefore put some wooden retaining blocks on the big end pins to stop the side rods moving about while shunting is in progress .

No Andy Lowes on Saturday, so Ian Pearson is in charge once more. If you intend to join him, please let him know by phone or email (the biscuit tin is full again).