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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday March 8th 2017

Wednesday March 8th 2017

A small team assembled - Derek Shorten, Ian McCall and myself - and before even a cup of tea, had to deal with another fatality. The mice must like Mars Bars so perhaps we should get in touch to advise them of yet another major selling point for their product's advertising. But then perhaps not!

The scrap flue tubes had been loaded on to the NYMR truck by the MPD staff the previous day, and after checking she had got the correct ones, Sue Smeaton took them to Marske scrap yard. We will receive £223 for our overhaul funds.

After tea, Derek set about cleaning the left hand valve while I cleaned the two remaining mud holes in the boiler throat plate, getting soaked in the process. These may need cleaning again in due course because of the water still in the foundation ring after Monday's second wash out.

Ian McCall renewed the attack on the right hand taper pin, but in spite of a couple of hours effort with a variety of punches and hammers it remained stubbornly unmoved. I joined him and, after much pinch barring of the locomotive, we managed to get the left hand taper pins and cotters out relatively easily, and prepared the rods for removal once reinforcements (Ian and Jon Bradley) arrived, who were due after lunch.

As it was such a lovely warm sunny day, lunch itself was taken on the picnic benches overlooking the yard to get our Vitamin D levels up.

After lunch, Ian Pearson joined us (Jon Bradley was out in the wilds with the ballast train and was delayed) and we set to, trying to remove the stubborn left hand intermediate side rod pin. It would not move so we decided we would have to remove the side rods in one length. Ian had a word with Barney at the MPD and he arrived with the heavy gang, the left hand rods were removed on to packing, the stubborn pin hammered out and the rods then split into their three pieces by removing the intermediate and trailing pins. Ian McCall and I greased and wrapped clean cloths round all the crank pins, and the bearings were covered with cloths. Many thanks to the shed lads for their help.

Barney tried to remove the right hand trailing taper pin with his special punch, assisted by one of his lads with a 14lb hammer, but it would not move. Looks like a drilling job for Saturday.

Derek finished cleaning the left hand valve and this was put back on the bench in the workshop. He then set about putting the tap through the dome nuts and completed another five, making a total of sixteen now done.

There was great interest in the steps which Trevor had previously tack welded on to the rear of the tender, but we managed to dissuade attempts to try them out. Trevor was going in today to complete welding the steps.

Plenty of work still left for Saturday's working party, when the JVs will also be present. Hope the weather is as good as we had yesterday.