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18th March 2017


We had a mixed couple of days working on the K1 last Friday afternoon and Saturday.

Progress was made with refitting the trailing hornstays, springs, lub pipes and ashpan linkage following refitting of the trailing coupled axle but we have somehow managed to lose a number of pins for the ashpan linkage (we found some old pins which will do as replacements for now) and rear brake pull rods. If these cannot be found in the next few days we will have to have some new ones made.

Unfortunately the search for the missing pins had a knock on effect to some of the other work we had planned. Most notably we did not get a chance to cut new felts where needed for the side rod bushes. Other work that has been delayed is the RH engine reassembly (but this is now very nearly completed) and trial fitting the new regulator small valve.

As the plan is to refit the coupling and connecting rods (amongst other things) this weekend, and the new felts must be in soak for at least 24 hours before fitting, I am taking Thursday afternoon off work to go and do them (and to complete the RH engine reassembly). I intend to leave Stockton at approx 12:30 and set off back from Carnforth at 18:30. If anyone would like to come with me you will be most welcome. In addition, Rolly is planning on going over on Friday afternoon to continue with the coach guard’s compartment refurbishment. He will be leaving Darlington at approx 14:15 if you would like to go with him. He will be staying over the weekend though so if you do go on Friday you will not be able to get back home until Saturday evening at the earliest.

Other than fitting the side rods this weekend we are planning to refit some of the cladding removed to facilitate the boiler repair, box the boiler up and fill it with water. The full hydraulic test of the repair will take place next week but we may get the chance to take it to mains pressure on Sunday if all goes according to plan.

We will be working both days this weekend, you could do either day or both. In addition I am looking for someone to collect some boiler lagging (just 3 rolls so it will easily fit into a reasonably sized car) from Gateshead and bring it down to Teesside before Saturday. The co car will be available for this if necessary.