North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 20th March

Derek Shorten and Ian Pearson were eventually joined by Jon Bradley and myself (too much chatting on the way through the MPD as well as Royal Scot to get round). The Q6 was not on the wheel drops and probably won't get there until Andy Lowes and Paul Hutchinson have discussed with Paul Middleton the next stage of the mechanical work, and the wheels/axle boxes in particular. No mice this week.

After a cup of tea and some non chocolate hobnobs, Jon and Derek set about cleaning frames all day. I got on with stripping down the left hand valve and cleaning off the hard carbon which was very stubborn to remove. There is still a lot of work to do on this valve, and the right hand one to make a start on. The valve has been loosely reassembled to keep the components in the right order and is back on the bench in the workshop.

Ian went to see Howard Smith at Armstrong Oilers to check out the item number for the Q6 underkeep pads, confirmed as '814B'. Back at the workshop he found we had 6 x '814B ' pads made at York, probably some fifty years ago, and 6 x '814B' pads made by Armstrong Oilers in 2014, giving 12 in all. The latter 6 pads have been put in tins and tubs of oil to soak, and are on the bench outside the workshop. There were also some J27 pads in the upstairs store - number '813B'

After lunch, in the warm in the Gresley cabin, Ian started to remove the anti vacuum valve from the header. It needed quite a bit of heat but, after an hour or so, with some assistance from Jon, it finally came free and is now on the bench in the workshop .

In the morning, it was good to see Bob Grey who called in for a chat with us all. Additionally, John Furness from the MPD spent the day sanding and painting the Drewry: the replacement engine is due to arrive next week.