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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog 25th March 2017

25th March 2017


We had a very trying but productive weekend on the K1. I have put the K1’s side rods up many times over the years but they have never before put up the sort of fight we had on Saturday. It is quite usual to take some time to line the cranks up to get the 1st coupling rod up but as it turned out we had a bigger struggle getting the second rod up. We did, however, after much jacking and swearing, manage it in the end. The con rods etc. went up no bother.

We also got the RH back sands box back up after repairs to the steam coil. I knew that would put up a bit of a fight when we took it off. It wasn’t too bad in the end – more interesting in that you really can get 5 fully grown blokes round 3 sides of a box about 2 foot square. We also managed to get a bit of heat resistant paint onto some of the exposed boiler platework and got the engine and tender pushed back together. That lot pretty much took Saturday up.

On Saturday evening those of us who stayed over were treated to a veritable gastronomic extravaganza with NELPG’s resident chef Gordon Rolly preparing a wonderful sausage casserole on our new cooker – Eat your hearts out Q6 crew with your mouse flavoured tea and biscuits!

Sunday was spent reuniting engine/tender pipework, giving the boiler barrel and foundation ring a final swill out, finishing the refurbishment of 4 mud hole doors, fitting the boiler pressure and steam chest pressure gauges, boxing up (including refitting the top of the dome and the safety valve and whistle blanks) and eating the left over sausage casserole for lunch. The only down side was the time we finished. I had promised to be home for 18:30 to take Angie and the girls out for Mother’s day tea at our local pub. Unfortunately I was slightly late for this arriving back in Staithes at 22:30 – still managed a pint with Angie and the girls though and for some reason they all seemed to forgive me as did Sophie the bar maid who made me a ham and cheese sandwich – not quite up to Gordon Rolly’s standards but very welcome with my pint of Old Peculiar I can tell you.

Many thanks to all involved over the weekend (Steve Gibson, Chris Henwood, Dave Donegan, Les Harper, Paul Taylor, Gordon Rolly and Mike Bloomfield). I don’t usually mention the names of those involved but have made an exception here owing to the gruelling nature of the weekend.