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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wrdnesday 29th March 2017

Wrdnesday 29th March 2017

Ian reports quite a productive day with Nigel Bill, Derek Shorten, Jon Bradley and himself. I was absent this week waiting various deliveries at home (nuff said!) but Nigel was the real hero - would you believe he came to Grosmont on the train from Thornaby with all the school kids!

Jon kept back the chocolate Hobnobs until the 3'o'clocks (I have missed out again).

After the morning cup of tea, Jon and Nigel started work on removing brake gear. They took down the driving set first. This was cleaned and marked up and laid out on the timber frame along side the S15. After lunch the trailing set was removed but not cleaned as time ran out (Nigel had to get the 16 15 train back to Middlesbrough). Derek spent the day cleaning the driving set of wheels and surrounding frame work, while Ian worked all day removing more of the concrete from the smokebox to reveal the hidden nuts. He had to remove 2 barrow loads to gain access, but two on the right hand side and one on the left are now accessible. There is a little more of this super hard concrete to remove from under the rim to allow us to get at the other nuts.

At the same time John Furness was continuing his work on the Drewry shunter, rubbing down then painting. Bill Dobson came in to see how we were progressing, and there were also quite a few visitors looking round.