North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 1st April 2017

Spring is in the air so we had a clean up in the shed, Bryan Orange with the JVs, Ian Pearson, Peter Ellis, Colin Foxton, Gordon Wells, Andy Lowes. Joan Lowes put a sick note in at last minute with a chesty cough.

A real good effort today the shed & workshop have both been cleaned out. The morning JVs cleaned the shed & stored the Q6 items off road 6 behind the bench to allow the railway to get their diesel shunter out to put the new engine into it. The M10 holes in the lower spark arrester were tapped out & the clamping plates bolted to it, also the missing plate was manufactured. The afternoon JVs concentrated on the workshop clean up, this involved all the tools on the wall being cleaned in kerosene & wiped with a cloth. The tool lockers were also tackled & what a difference it has made, we can now get tools out without getting dirty before we start a job. Please keep it this way by cleaning tools before returning them to their home, thanks!

The pile of bits from No29 in front of No5 have been moved up & put on pallets so No5 could be moved forward. This allowed our electrician with his helpful JVs to install the armoured cable into the pit for our new 110v sockets.

The bolts from the lower flange that hold the blast pipe in the smoke box were removed & the copper gasket put with the blast pipe. The six plugs three in each end of the super heater header do not want to come out, we have tried a bit of heat several times but they still remain firmly in the header.

The new stuffing box for the regulator was tried today, but the studs in the boiler back head require running down with a die nut to allow it to sit flush. Still quite a bit of preparation work is required to the boiler face to get this to fit properly, also a gasket to make.

So as you have seen lots of little fiddly part done preparation jobs for the future assembly of the loco today, this is what is known as ‘unseen work’ in the trade.

Now for Wednesday 5-4-17, there is almost 2 pints of milk in the fridge but no chocolate hobnobs!

  • Continue cleaning the valves
  • Grind anti vacuum valve in using fine paste only
  • Finish stripping loco brakes & clean
  • Clean wheels & under loco in preparation of taking the driving wheels out