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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 5th April 2017

Wednesday 5th April 2017

Double disaster yesterday - brewed up the tea to find the milk had gone off, and then discovered all the chocolate hobnobs had been eaten! Ian Pearson saved the day by going down to the Co-op and getting some more milk, but we - Derek Shorten, Jon Bradley and myself plus Ian - just had to put up with chocolate digestives!

In spite of this setback, I carried on with cleaning the left hand valve and chipping out the large amounts of hard carbon. Very stubborn to remove, and there is still more to clear from the left hand valve head. The right hand one has yet to be started. I also collected some new underkeep pads for the J72 from Armstrong Oilers which Fred had ordered, and which Derek agreed to take to Hopetown today.

Derek continued with cleaning the wheels and frames, while Jon and Ian removed and cleaned the brake tables and brake hangers. These are now all removed and cleaned and marked up, barring the trailing table which still needs cleaning. Nigel Hall arrived later in the morning to gloss paint the tender steps. Bill Dobson also called in during the afternoon to see how were getting on.

As it was such a nice day, it was decided to have lunch in the picnic area and watch the trains go by.

Because Ian had noticed that the eccentrics were hitting the eccentric rod, which is disconnected and fastened up, Barney, the MPD Senior Fitter, had a look at the situation and advised that we should remove the top two eccentric rods before we arrange any moves to the wheel drops.