North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 8th April 2017

We had a dedicated set of lads working on the Q6 today, Ian Pearson, Peter Ellis, Colin Foxton (he could only manage the morning due to other commitments, many thanks) Nic Ashmore who travelled up from Weymouth on the south coast on a motorbike, also Andy Lowes.


Nic Ashmore at the workbench - Andy Lowes

Both top eccentric rods were removed & safely stored after marking up. This was on the advice from Barney on Wednesday to remove them before moving the loco onto the wheel drops sometime in the future. We also rigged up an air line to the reverser & put the engine into mid gear. The expansion links were also tied up to stop them moving around.


Top eccentruc rids after removal - Andy Lowes

The new stuffing box for the regulator was fitted to the back head after rather a lot of cleaning of the studs & the face of the boiler where it mates up to. It was then removed & a gasket made, the stuffing box was then put into safe storage. This is because the regulator rod has to be pulled part way out to gain access into the boiler via the dome.


The stuffing box face after much cleaning - Andy Lowes

The short pipes to the cab gauges have been annealed see photo. Another attempt has been made at removing the plugs in the super heater header, good news one has moved a quarter of a turn on the right hand side!


Peter Ellis annealing lubrication pipes - Andy Lowes

Cleaning has continued on the rods & brake gear that has been removed from the loco. The anti vacuum valve that has been repaired by M-Machine had new gaskets made & new nuts fitted. The sealing ring that fits on the outside of the smoke box had the packing removed & the holes tapped out then new bolts fitted where required. This seals the anti vacuum valve to the smoke box.

As next Saturday (15th April) is Easter there will be no working party on the Q6 in Deviation shed.

The following Saturday (22nd April) Ian Pearson has agreed to be RO.

All Wednesdays will be as normal with Ian. We have lots of goodies in safe storage thanks to Nigel Hall for the donation. No excuse for not enjoying your time at Deviation shed with added attractions of trains going past the door, great fun!

Now for the list of jobs in no particular order:

  • Clean valves
  • Header plugs to remove
  • Clean loco & tender frames/wheels
  • Check & record wheel centres before taking out driving wheels
  • Once driving wheels are out, remove the axle boxes for examination & eccentric straps
  • Fit new axle box lubrication pipes (from stock above workshop) as leading & intermediate ones
  • Back head fittings, valves, water gauges etc to refurbish
  • Split pins on studs inside boiler to be replaced where missing or damaged
  • Regulator handle needs to be a good fit on the tapered square of the regulator rod, welding & dressing of the handle is required to achieve this
  • Full survey of the loco brake gear to find what requires repair or replacement
  • Thickness test required on both main steam pipes