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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog 8th April 2017

8th April 2017


We managed to install the arch and other than being gassed had a pretty good day. We did perhaps pick the wrong day to do the arch as it was a little on the warm side for all concerned. The concrete (over half a ton of it) was mixed by hand. The mix has to be at absolutely the right consistency to allow it to be workable without slumping, not the easiest of jobs when you are red hot. Well done to Steve, Rolly, Chris (H) and Angie for their hard work and for keeping the mix just right.

In addition to those named above Dave D joined us for the day to work on finishing off/tidying up jobs, which we all got involved with when not on arch building duties. We also prepared the engine to be steamed again this coming Wednesday.

We packed up at around 18:00. A long day but a satisfying one in many respects.

If you would like to join us for the engine's next steaming on Wednesday then please let me know. West Coast are lighting up for us on Tuesday evening so there is no need for an overnight stay, although we will have an early start on Wednesday morning.

There will also be a working party on Easter Saturday (to weigh the engine) as well as the prep day on Sunday and the test/running in turn on Monday. Your help would be greatly appreciated.