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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 26th April 2017

Wednesday 26th April 2017

A bitterly cold snowy, sleety morning to start with, icy patches on the road from Teesside, but the sun came out later and, sheltered from the wind, it was reasonably warm - even better in the workshop with the heaters on! The regular Wednesday crew of Derek, Jon, and myself, with Ian in charge. John Furness from the NYMR was also in Deviation Shed first thing, sanding down the S15 tender and creating an enormous amount of dust such that the south end roller shutter doors had to be opened.

Fortunately he finished about 10.30.

Jon worked all day on carbon reduction around the steam chest area - there is still quite a lot more to remove. I continued to complete the valve cleaning after the excellent work done on Saturday and, with Ian's help, re-assembled both of them. The valves require the big nuts tightening and new cotter pins, but both are now sitting on the back of the work bench. After moving the tender back a yard or so to get a pit bridge in place, Derek set about cleaning the front around the draw bar area and drag box and has made a marked improvement. A plastic sheet was put over the water pump to keep the dirt out. Ian moved Gordon's electric box into the workshop, just on the left through the door near the arch formers, repositioned the 'Not to Be Moved' boards to hang from the beams above, put all the pieces of rope in a box next to the rag box, and had a general tidy up of the area.

Lunch was held in the A4 cabin as it was too cold for a picnic lunch outside. After lunch Ian started removing carbon from the left hand cylinder ports. A number of interested people round the shed today (including Nick Stringer), but didn't hear any bells ringing from the donation box!