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The Big Shunt


Today was the day of the big shunt where the vehicles in the Hopetown workshop were re-ordered ro enable the J72 to be steamed and later for the J27 boiler to be delivered.

None of the vehicles had moved for a while so there was a degree of uncertainty as to what we might find when we tried to move. Fortunatly there were no surprises.

Ian Pearson riding the step of the J27 in order to observe the motion  - Nigel Hall

Steve Hyman watches the J27 being hauled to the running line - Nigel Hall

The J27 and tender on the running line  - Nigel Hall

After preparatory work and oiling up, the J27 and tender were extracted and parked on the running line. The shunting crew then went for lunch whilst the J72 fitting crew completed the fitted of the side rods to the locomotuve; an excellent piece of 'just in time' production. The J72 was then hauled to the head shunt for the next stage of sortiing.

The J72 on the running line with the J27 tender in the head shunt  - Nigel Hall

Jonathan Bradley signals the distance to go to driver Malcky Simpson as the J27 enters the head shunt  - Nigel Hall

All alone on the running line, the J72 awaits shunting back to the workshop - Nigel Hall

At he end of a long day all vehicles had moved and were safely back in the workshop in the correct order, with the J72 ready for a steam test on Thursday.

Many thanks to all who contributed to a very successful day.

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