North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 13th May 2017

A mild fine day at Grosmont with Peter Ellis, Colin Foxton and Myself with assistance from some junior volunteers under the leadership of Mr Bryan Orange. All the wheel sets have been removed to the wheel compound and axle boxes taken off by the NYMR fitters and stored in the workshop. The loco is sitting on combination bogies in the wheel drop shed at the moment.

The junior volunteers were set to work cleaning the frames, while Peter, Colin and Myself started on the on the remaining spring hanger bolts - about 14 of them.  A few needed some heat to remove, also the big adjustable spanner with a long pipe. All have had the gung and nuts removed which took most of the day. After drying the paraffin off I took the spring hangers down to the NYMR grit blaster to give them a good clean up, managed to get 5 done today. We will continue with these on Wednesday. It was noticed that the Left leading intermediate spring hanger bolt has some damage on the thread.

We had lunch outside Deviation Shed today watching the trains go by - what more could you want! Andy and Joan Lowes with their grandchildren called in later to see us for a chat and a cup of tea with Hobnob biscuits, they had been to Pickering on the train.