North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 17th May 2017

In my absence in the very wet Lake District this week, Ian reports that there were four present at Grosmont yesterday - Derek Shorten, Alan Whitehouse, Dave Donegan, and Ian himself.

The locomotive is now set on bogies on No 4 road in the running shed.

After the usual cup of tea, all the remaining locomotive fittings from the Q6 were brought to Deviation Shed for cleaning - vacuum and steam heat pipe connections, guard irons and various brackets. These were all cleaned and are now stored behind the bench in the Shed. Alan set about blast cleaning some of the spring hanger bolts. Lunch was taken in the

A4 cabin due to heavy rain (so just like the Lake District then!): no picnics yesterday. After lunch, Derek and Dave got on with cleaning the tender frames.

John Graham arrived around lunch time to measure the Q6 tyres. When the wheel sets were removed and checked by the MPD last week, they were found to show evidence of tread wear, which was not apparent from the regular tyre measurement. John concluded that, as the tyres are at scrapping size, the tread wear could not be corrected and the tyres should therefore be replaced. Precautionary enquiries of South Devon Engineering established that should retyring be found necessary, if the wheelsets could be got to them quickly, the new tyres we already have in store with them could be fitted on an eight week turn round. In the light of this, the Committee has approved the expenditure and the wheel sets will go to South Devon next week.

John also took the measurements of all journals and crank pins.

Terry Newman called in for a chat between his driving turns.

Working party on Saturday, but note that the NYMR is holding a 'Behind the Scenes' event over the weekend. We have not been told whether Deviation Shed is being included, but it is likely that, regardless, there will be a large number of visitors around the MPD.  The JVs will also be present for the latest of their MPD Workshop training sessions and may take on Deviation Shed tours if necessary.