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Joem's 60th Birthday


A 60th Birthday banner was held across the track this morning for Joem's first trip of the day on the Colne Valley Railway. Sally Says: "I should have made a coal cake! For a Lady of 60 she certainly moves well."

A decorated Joem and the ribbon - Sally Halls

Breaking through the ribbon - Sally Halls

Joem with birthday decoration - Sally Halls

Looking through the rear of the Pullman Gresley Carriage as Joem backs onto the train - Sally Halls

Another reminder of how long it has been since Joem last visited the Colne Valley railway: both Joem and Natalie Halls have had 17 birthdays in the intervening years.

Natalie when Joem arrived in 1994. The picture was published with the caption 'Railway Child' - Sally Halls

Natalie when Joem in 2011 - Sally Halls

The following photographs taken earlier in the week by Keith Halton.

Leaving Castle Headingham - Keith Halton

Non-Stop through Halstead - Keith Halton

Departing Castle Headingham - Keith Halton

Nunnery runaround loop - Keith Halton

Joem on the Colne Valley railway - Keith Halton

Keith notes the following points of interest:

  1. Station signal box is from Cressing on the Braintree branch
  2. Nunnery Junction signal box is from Wrabness on the Harwich branch
  3. Station footbridge is from Stowmarket
  4. Southbound platform has relocated Castle Hedingham Station building and is called Sible and Castle Hedingham Northbound platform is a replica using materials from various places and is called Halstead!
  5. Since the train runs non-stop through the Halstead platform, the J72 carried class one headcode on the bunker and class two on the smokebox!
  6. Despite any claims to the contrary, the Colne Valley isn't the shortest preserved railway in the country, but it comes close. I went to the Long Shop museum at Leiston last week and the demo line for the Aveling 4w geared loco Sirapite is only about 30 yards long. Now that MUST be the shortest!
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