North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Sarurday 27th May 2017

On an extremely hot sunny day Ian Pearson, Peter Ellis, Colin Foxton, Joan & Andy Lowes were at Deviation shed working on the Q6. Trevor Wilford called in to catch up with the banter before he had a trip to Pickering on the train so we could wave at him! Gordon Wells called in to progress the pit lighting but requires some conduit now, he did get one of the lights above the workshop working so we have a little more light now up there.

Ian enquired at Armstrong oilers about the pads we use on our locos & was given a list of all the numbers on the pads; I will send a copy to all the loco caretakers etc. for reference.

A number of 110v lamps were repaired & or new tubes/bulbs fitted, all now work.

A spare spring hanger adjuster was found in a box above the workshop, thanks to Nigel Hall who sent an email through the week with a photo showing this.

The end caps were fitted to the injectors; the blower valve & blow down valves have both been removed for refurbishment on the bench.

The axle box pipe work is progressing with the trailing copper lubrication pipes being annealed & the new flexible pipes fitted to the bushes ready for the driving axle.

The tender tank sides & back have been cleaned with kerosene & a survey has been completed on the loco brake gear.

Wednesday 31-5-17

  • Continue with back head fitting refurbishment
  • Both gauge frames to strip, clean & build back up
  • Clean loco & prepare frames for painting

Next weekend Mark O’Brian will be working on the boiler tapping the fire box flue tube holes. This will enable him to measure the threads & order the flue tube bottle ends that are welded onto the tubes. There is about three week lead in time from placing the order to delivery. He uses a supplier who does all the work & includes all the certification job done; all he then has to do is fit them into our boiler.