North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 31st May 2017

Another fine sunny day at Grosmont yesterday, although not as warm as last Saturday which made for a better temperature for working. Only Derek Shorten and Ian at the start of the day, although Nigel joined later on, having been stuck in traffic jams, one involving lots of blue lights in Middlesbrough and one at Scaling Dam where they are resurfacing the road with those"dreaded chippings", and I called in to join them for lunch on the bench outside Deviation Shed between other business in the area.

After the usual first cup of tea, Derek set about cleaning the inside of the cab, especially both bottom sides where the wooden floor sits. Ian cleaned the blower valve on the bead blaster and got Owain to skim the valve head. After lunch, Nigel started on the frames preparing them for painting, while Ian cleaned the blow down valve, again with the bead blaster.  Both valves are on the bench, with the  blow down valve requiring a new gasket. Mark O'Brien advised that the NYMR was using copper rings for this, but they did not have one our size in the stores although one can be ordered if they are given the dimensions. Barney also asked if we were going to remove the reverser, or whether he was to do it, as the broad gauge piston ring at the back needed replacing.

There were also rumours floating around that the K1 had failed in Scotland earlier in the week. Checks with the team at Fort William have now confirmed that there are no problems and the K1 is fine.

Working party as usual on Saturday when Paul the weather man is forecasting sunshine but fresher temperatures, so ideal weather for working on the Q6 and watching the trains go by.