North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 7th June 2017

Todays working party Ian Pearson, Jon Bradley, Derek Shorten & Nigel Hall.

Mark o' Brian asked me if we could re-fit the fire grate to give him better working base in the firebox for the work involved in re- tubing the boiler. Jon & I carried out this task the front section of the grate was moved in a barrow and fitted , we got the Telehandler to bring the back section down to the shed much easier, and got that fitted after lunch. We then removed the oil pipes and brackets from the frames which feed the driving axle boxes these put in store up stairs. Derek & Nigel continued cleaning the right hand frames, still some more cleaning to do. The left hand valve is still in the press no more work has been done on this. Some of the gauge frame gland nuts are quite sloppy on the threads these need to be examined. Four new Klinger Packing's were obtained from the stores last Saturday only one Klinger packing was fitted to the top left gauge frame last week, the rest are on the work bench in deviation shed. No point in fitting any more until the gauge frame gland nuts are sorted.

I will not be at Grosmont this Saturday10/06/17, Nigel intends to go and continue cleaning & painting so contact Nigel Hall first if any one would like a day out at Grosmont shed .