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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 14th June 2017

Wednesday 14th June 2017

A hot sunny, but frustrating day at Grosmont with Derek Shorten, Nigel Hall, and myself (eventually, after a call in at Pickering on the way), with Ian Pearson in charge. Bill Dobson joined us for a few hours and Terry Newman paid us a visit at teatime.

Derek and Nigel worked all day in the running shed, Derek cleaning the brackets of the LHS frames and Nigel sanding down both sides of the frames - these are now almost ready for painting. I was found employment filing a small piece of steel to make a new key for the left hand piston valve: still a bit more to do to finish that off - it is on the bench by the RH piston valve. The shed staff have welded a nut onto the broken stud on the dome and Ian had a go at its removal. It would not shift though, and against the possibility of it shearing if more pressure was applied, it was abandoned for the moment. Barney, the chargehand fitter, checked the gauge frame gland nuts. These were assessed as now OK after cleaning the top left hand one with a thread file, and the Klinger packings can be fitted on Saturday.

We had our lunch outside Deviation Shed on the bench, sat in the lovely warm sunshine watching the trains go by and giving Jon Bradley a wave.

Quite a lot of visitors round the shed today: must have been the warm weather!

After lunch Ian and I, with help from Bill, had a look at the left hand valve spindle with the broken key jammed in the key way, but decided to leave it for the time being . So we started to strip the right hand valve to try and get the valve ring free when the nut is tightened by putting extra shims in. After removing the nut and front end of the valve, the cone shaped piece has a key in it, but in spite of several hours effort trying to remove it, it proved impossible to get it out and we had to retire, frustrated and hot.

The NYMR is in the process of making a couple of valve stands, and the conduit for the electric cables for the pit lighting has been delivered and is on the Shed floor by the workshop. Mark O'Brien has yet to finish the firebox flue tube thread recutting, as absolute priority is being given to getting Repton finished (the boiler is now full of water), but his plan is to have that work finished and the completed flue tubes at Grosmont by the time the wheel sets come back from South Devon Engineering.