North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 24th June 2017

Another Day at Grosmont, with Bryan Orange and the JV's, Peter Ellis, and Ian Pearson.

Well after the usual cup of Tea, Bryan sorted where the JV 's were working and gave us Tom Noble, who did a great job of cleaning the L/H valve spindle and its rusty key way. he also cleaned the Dome ring after Peter had annealed it.

Peter annealed the four remaining oil pipes from the driving boxes, and also fitted the trailing oil pipe which had been renewed. The new steel pipe was fitted to the blow down valve by Peter. I completed cleaning the back plate from the L/H valve.

Lunch today was outside Deviation shed a little cloudy but fine.

After lunch Peter and I set about removing the sheared stud on the dome it was cut down with the angle grinder then drilled through with a succession of drill bits until we ran out of drill bits , so asked Phil Naylor who was duty fitter if he could help. He flushed the remaining metal out with the burning torch, then punched out the last piece of metal "Thanks Phil." This will need re-tapping for a new stud next week.

Neal Woods called in this morning he is going to get a new ring made for the R/H piston valve. Time to pack up and go home by for now.