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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wennesday 23rd August 2017

Wennesday 23rd August 2017

Well we start again after quite a few weeks away from the Q6, although Nigel has been working on the frames priming and glossing.  Today with Chris ,Nigel, Bryan and five JV's. The weather was fine but muggy then about 11.15 it became almost dark we had an almighty thunder storm, lots of visitors sheltering in the north end of the running shed!   We did  achieved a considerable amount of work in preparation to get the locomotive in a forward mode. JV's cleaning inside the frames doing a  great job, two of our JV's were seconded to needle gun duties for the Diesel fitters. Chris cleaning the piston rods which were getting rusty. Both now clean and oiled. Nigel was painting the tender touching up lots of small chips on tender sides with black primer.

I cleaned the flue tube and small tube holes with an emery flap wheel and also the holes in super heater header. This will give Mark more time to get on re- tubing as won't have to be cleaning these holes before he can proceed.  Also a start was mad cleaning the smoke box door seal channel this may need needle gunning on Saturday. Chris and I had lunch in Deviation shed, we are just about out of tea bags but managed by having coffee for elevenses nice change. See you Saturday.