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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 2nd September 2017

Saturday 2nd September 2017

Not many at Grosmont today, only Gordon Wells and Ian Pearson.

Gordon completed the pit wiring and all sockets are now working.

Ian cleaned the coats of rust protector from the outside of the new tyres on two of the wheel sets - trailing and intermediate trailing - and then painted them with black primer. While he was working on the wheels, the three cleaners on the shed - Chris, Alex and James - offered their services for a couple of hours. Ian asked them to have a go at removing the R/H cotter which had proved so stubborn on Wednesday. So the lamps were set up and they got stuck in but the cotter would not move. Then the cavalry arrived in the form of duty fitter Dave Cholmondley who had a right good go - it finally started to move and eventually came out. It is now with the L/H cotter in the workshop .

They also removed both piston gland followers and oil feed boxes. The oil boxes are also in the workshop.

Both pistons are now ready for removal.