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K1 Cylinder Liner Fitted and Cylinder Mounted


On the 17th May, Metalock contractors successfully fitted the liner into the K1's repaired right hand cylinder at Hopetown.

Liner now rests on the support frame and us unclipped from hoist - Colin Smith

The liner is delivered - Terry Newman

The fitting process involves cooling the new liner in a bath of liquid nitrogen to cause it to contract. It is then placed upon the support frame which is usually used to extract the piston and pushed into the cylinder bore.The liner is then adjusted so that the port cutouts line up. As the liner warms it expands to fit tight against the cylinder walls.

The liner is hoisted into a bath - Terry Newman

The liquid nitrogen arrives- Terry Newman

.. and is loaded into Dewar flasks- Terry Newman

Nitrogen is poured into the bath to cool the liner - Terry Newman

The liner turned in the bath to cool it evenly - Terry Newman

More nitrogen - Terry Newman

.. and more - Terry Newman

Time passes - Terry Newman

Looks about done - Terry Newman

A final turn - Terry Newman

bringing the liner to the stand using the hoist - Terry Newman

Liner having just entered the cylinder - Terry Newman

The liner is pushed home - Terry Newman

Checking the allignmentof the back ports, care required not to catch ears against the liner wall - Terry Newman

A little fettling will be required on the front ports - Terry Newman 

Sliding the liner into place - Nigel Hall

As usual on such occasions, the job is surounded by an army of photographers.

Lifting into Place

On Tuesday 24th May, a working party lifted the cylinder onto the frames.

Paul Hutchinson is pleased to see cylinder is lifted into place - Terry Newman


The cylinder rests against the frames - Terry Newman


John Graham inserts the first temporary bolt - Terry Newman

Lining up the first rear bolt hole - Terry Newman

Humm, things seem to have moved a bit during the repair process - Terry Newman

The lifting strop and hoist - Terry Newman

Neal Woods staring at the rear mounting holes. The pullift is being used through the exhaust pipe to pull the the cylinder against the frames. - Terry Newman

The cylinder is not completely fixed and might yet have to be jigged around a little to get all holes lined up. With all the heat applied to the casting in the repair process, the holes have moved a little. However, a good start has been made on the final major job on the frames. 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 July 2011 22:10